Hub Fitness

Are you ready to feel strong, energized, and in the best shape of your life?

I can guide you to your optimal health and fitness in an enjoyable, shame-free, diet-free way so you can claim your birthright - to feel powerful and complete in your body.

My workouts are designed to show you that limits are only perceived - you can be, do, or achieve anything in a workout AND in life.

Join the #hubtribe for virtual or outdoor group fitness classes or get personal training with me to create a fitness plan that fits into your unique lifestyle and goals.


More than just a workout, I help you experience the evolution of your mind and body to go beyond what is possible. Choose from Indoor Cycling, TRX Strength, or TRX Conditioning (cardio and plyometrics) classes.


Enjoy the fresh air and the best group of humans for morning or evening TRX Classes or my Saturday TRX Bootcamp. I also create endurance road cycling clinics and programs for groups and individuals.

Personal Training

Achieve your goals with an individualized plan for fitness and nutrition that fits into your busy lifestyle.