Calories – To Count, or Not to Count? It depends…

This Week’s Topic: Calories – To Count, or Not to Count? It depends on your lifestyle and goals!

I recently saw one of my favorite, really informative Precision Nutrition Infographics – Calorie Control Guide – being shared by a personal trainer who is not currently certified by PN (I highly recommend it for all coaches!) and although it’s a great, simple way to construct a balanced meal, taken alone it may not help anyone who has a weight loss goal, or body composition goal, or sports performance goal.

Here is the additional information you need:

First- the calorie guide identifies 4 food groups (protein, carbs, fats, and VEGGIES!) and gives a handy guide to portion control using your own hand. Yes…. check it out here; for most people just trying to eat healthy, it’s perfect.

But in order to apply this guide to specific weight loss/body composition/performance goals:

1. Determine your calorie needs – based on your activity level, age, weight loss desired, time over which that loss is desired, age, and other factors…and we have a handy tool takes these factors into account!

2. Split your macronutrient intake (% of protein, carb, fat) based on your body “type”:
a. Naturally thin, fast metabolism? Ectomorphic
b. Athletic and muscular, needs exercise to keep the metabolism fire going? Mesomorphic
c. Naturally broad or ”thick”, somewhat slow metabolism ? Endomorphic
Many of us are some combination of these general traits. Let us help you identify where you fall on that spectrum and help you dial in your macros!
3. Also consider your macro intake based on goals; for example, if trying to gain muscle, you may want to adjust protein intake. You may also want to consider nutrient timing. Let us help you with this, it’s pretty easy!

4. Convert from total calorie needs and % macros to MENU! This is our favorite part. We love food.
Next FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Notes on macronutrient profiles for a given body type and set of goals.
NOTE: As Certified Sports & Exercise Nutrition Coaches from the leader, Precision Nutrition (PN), (check out their awesome FREE resources here: please know we follow sound, peer-reviewed scientific literature and study results to bring you the best information, and motivational techniques to coach you as an individual.

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