Rei Side Plank

I started going to The Hub when they opened in October 2017. It had been a depressing year and I had gained 30 pounds from stress eating…and I was determined to lose all of it. Within 5 months, I had lost the weight; moreover, thanks to TRX, my body is sculpted and my muscles are defined and I love it - strong is the new sexy!

The thing I have enjoyed most about The Hub is the Community - everyone is so friendly, encouraging, and accepting. To The Hub - keep up the good work.

~ Rei Matsushita

Dinah Testimonial

A year ago I walked into The Hub with winter approaching, hoping to lean out as much as possible, maintain a healthy weight and fight the seasonal mood swings I tend to get with the darker days. Right away I loved the simplicity of the studio, the abundance of natural light, and the new spin bikes and TRX equipment. I found Tracy to be an inviting host and a creative and challenging instructor; her classes were inspiring and each was unique and made me not want to miss any.

After the first month of TRX I was noticeably stronger. Exercises that were difficult grew easier, as both my muscles and core gained strength. I struggle with arthritis around my SI joint and tailbone, and strengthening my core with TRX has helped more than the steady acupuncture or chiropractic work I have tried for years. I still have some pain, but it is growing much more manageable as I continue to strengthen my core. The spinning classes have built my cardio endurance and strength as well, and have trimmed me down.

But perhaps more importantly, I have noticed a mental equilibrium throughout stress, cold and dark days and life changes. I have found myself to be a consistently more engaged, energized and positive person. At this point, I can't imagine my days without going to The Hub. I have loved it so much I eventually became certified to teach Spin so I could work there and give others the energy I was receiving. I have dropped 9 pounds, added several pounds of muscle, and met many great people along the way. The atmosphere at The Hub is very friendly and warm, and working out is both challenging and supportive. While some gyms can be pretty cold and sterile, at The Hub I feel I am building some nice connections in the community.

~ Dinah Mack

Carrie Testimonial

My first time at The Hub was also my first ever spinning class, in spring 2018. I came to The Hub as a former athlete with decades-long injuries and a string of surgeries behind me - but wanting to push myself more than I had been able to doing my own gym workouts, and - let's be honest - leisurely bike rides. Within a few weeks I was stronger, more stable, and feeling more fit than I have in years which in turn inspired me to do one-on-one training and nutrition coaching with Tracy. Not only have I made great strides, I've done so without incurring any new injuries and am more pumped than ever to keep going.

The things I've enjoyed most about The Hub are Tracy's positive and motivating energy, her deep expertise, the clean and bright space, the other people in the classes - and how every class challenges me in the best possible ways.

~ Carrie Cuthbert

Personal Training with Kettlebells

I started taking spin classes at the Hub in December 2017 because I was looking for an exercise class that would inspire me to show up regularly. I was bored with where had been going and wanted some motivation to get moving more regularly. I enjoy group exercise as I feel that it pushes me, in addition to just enjoying the company and good humor of others in a class.

The instructors and my fellow classmates are fantastic. The energy from everyone is great and makes the classes fun and challenging. I also appreciate that The Hub is always thinking about new class ideas, and community events. I have enjoyed all of the classes and anytime I can workout at The Hub I feel ready to take on the world (even if it’s only dinner or Saturday chores) afterwards. I really think it is both the exercise and also the positive community of people working out together and supporting one another. If you can be bad-ass and community centered at the same time, this is it.

I started personal training with Tracy about six months after I first started at The Hub. I had recently “tweaked” my back yet again and was frustrated that it kept happening. I liked Tracy’s approach and teaching and how at the Hub we talk about “core stability” as well as strength and conditioning. I had worked with a physical therapist, seen a chiropractor, and had figured out a pattern on how to keep my back healthy, yet I still found that I injured myself more often than I should. I felt like a needed a different approach.

My personal training sessions with Tracy opened a whole new understanding of how I was using my body and I learned how to retrain my muscles after longtime injury. Training with Tracy has given me the tools I need for continuing in any of the Hub classes and also what I need daily to be strong and stable. I think exercise is about training for everyday to be healthy. This gets me there.

~ Amy S.