New Decade Intentions

It's a New Year and New Decade, so many of us are thinking about new goals and what we want to achieve, or - I hesitate to say this word - resolutions. Resolve is pretty definite, and is usually used as a way to address a problem with some pretty drastic behavior change. This can set us up to feel badly about ourselves if we don't stick to the resolution.
Instead, I offer you a way to achieve goals and live your life intentionally and with purpose that has deep meaning for you. This method allows you to clearly identify what is most important to you and what you value, reveals what your unique abilities are, and turns your to-do list into something not only manageable but into something aligned with your Purpose.
The Method involves three steps:
Step 1: Identify your Values and Priorities and Why These Matter.
For example, one of my values is Community. The why for Community is that I believe we are better and stronger together. Priorities associated with creating Community include bringing The Hub Tribe together in more meaningful ways (more team run/bike events, fundraisers, and social bike rides) and to bring more incredible people into The Tribe (expanding our membership). These matter because connection to our fellow humans lights up my soul, being around people who want to improve or maintain their health inspires me to do the same, and stronger relationships among people lead to each of us doing more for our entire Community. Helpful Hint: if you are unsure what your priorities are, look at your calendar and your bank statement - where are your time and money going? Do these actions support what you say your values and priorities are? If not, what can you do to re-prioritize? What can you let go of to create time for what you value? So powerful!
Step 2: List Your Unique Talents and Abilities. What are you good at, but more importantly, what do you love doing? I love moving my body, eating delicious healthy food, doing research to know the scientific facts and sharing that information with others through my teaching. I have the ability to overcome hardships and see silver linings. Knowing these things help me get some clarity around how I can use my abilities to support my values and priorities. For example, I jumped off that cliff from my cozy career to pursue my passions and open a group fitness studio. Helpful Hint: If you are unsure what your unique abilities are, ask your friends and family! I have a template for this if you are interested.
Step 3: List What You Want More Of and What You Want Less Of. This helps you focus on what to do with your time! For example, I want to teach more yoga, I want to create more meaningful content to share with my Tribe, I want to do more public speaking about nutrition. Do you see how these tie into my values, priorities, and my unique abilities? I want to do less bookkeeping, scheduling, ordering, cleaning, spending time posting on social media, checking aha, I need an Assistant!
From this exercise I feel I have a couple of great things to focus on that completely align with who I am and what I value. This knowledge guides creation of my specific goals. With specific goals, I can create quarterly, monthly, and weekly "to-do" lists and tend to those specific tasks throughout my days.
I know the above is simplified - I have a much deeper, thought-provoking process that takes all the overwhelming things I need to do, pits them against each other, and then focuses on 2-3 winners. It's known as The Tournament of Priorities (I created this from methods learned at my Level 2 Precision Nutrition Coaching Program). If you'd like to know how to do this, send me an email at and let's talk!