We understand everyone has different goals and desired outcomes from addressing nutrition: lose weight, gain muscle, performance, or just to feel good. Our approach is inclusive of all diets.

Our Approach to Nutrition Coaching              

Given that we are all different, we want to help you find what is right for you; what makes you feel good, perform well, and satisfies you. We want to help you find the fuel that makes your engine run smoothly and gives your body what it needs to function in the optimal state you were destined to be in.

Our approach is habit-based as opposed to diet-based. We listen to what you like to eat, what your needs are, what your lifestyle is like, what your goals are, what motivates you, and what outcomes you’d like to see. Based on that, and the type of food plan or diet you’d like to follow, we help you create daily habits that become long-term ways of living and move you towards your goals. We help you tune into your life to find and implement your own solution.

We won’t tell you something is too fattening. We won’t tell you something is bad or good, because it always depends on the context. What we will do is help you figure out how to balance what you eat within your chosen diet to help you achieve your goals. We do this with an evidence-based approach, using information from peer-reviewed scientific studies, not the latest fad diets or claims from people selling supplements or products.

Our Nutrition Coach is certified by Precision Nutrition, the leading Sports and Exercise Nutrition program for personal trainers and athletes. And our programs are fully supported and guided by a PhD Nutritionist. We wouldn’t dream of coaching you without these important credentials.

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